About Us 

Our Story

          The handmade accessories that make up Grooves & Grain reflect a high level of authenticity, quality, creativity, and love.  Each design is born from the belief in the revolutionary power of art and sustainability. 

        We create for the Go-Getters, Love Makers, Free Spirited and Adventure Seekers.  For the Groovy Souls willing to rebel against the false sense of self created by mass-produced goods.  

Each accessory is unique to itself highlighting the individuality of the wearer.  


The Leather 

All designs are made from locally sourced recycled leather.  

  With an appreciation for the natural world and its inexhaustible inspiration for design and adventure, we choose to support the Earth through our art.  We do this by sourcing unwanted scrap leather from industries in the USA, in an effort to keep it out of our landfills, and into our lives.    

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