“Totally going your own way can be really scary, but also amazingly rewarding when you feel yourself getting somewhere” - Alyssa Via Bustle Magazine


The design inspiration of Grooves&Grain comes largely from the Natural World, and its inexhaustible inspiration of beauty, color, shape, and sense of adventure.  Methods of patchwork and hand dyed leather is deeply influenced from the groovy rhythm of early rock and its passion for love and peace.

Being raised in the beautiful green state of Vermont taught me the responsibility we all carry in our actions, and the importance of knowing our impact.   My background in both art and environmentalism is what brought me to use reclaimed leather in all my products.      

My goal is to create wearable art with the environment in mind, so I am able to give back to the things I believe in.  It is my hope by carefully crafting one of a kind pieces people will cherish and value them for a long time. 

                                                         - G